Packer Nation transcends time and space.

Across state lines and down through the generations, this team unites us. When we talk about the Pack, what we’re really talking about is community, commitment and camaraderie; a fandom rooted firm in tradition and family.

As we wrote in our open letter that ran in the Journal Sentinel, we are all connected through this team. We cheer together and celebrate together. Maybe we can also help one another through the rough times. Help each other to mourn — and heal.

As far as our dad was concerned, the Packers were one of the most glorious things on Earth. One of life’s great joys. And when he died unexpectedly in February, we leaned on so many fans, and so many of these football memories, to help us through. Sports can also provide comfort.

Now we want to pay a little bit of that forward.

We launched this site to share our dad’s favorite memories, and to thank the Packer players for so many of the thrills that he cherished. We also launched it to give others a space to celebrate and commemorate their fallen Packers fans. To share a word or two about their loved ones, and the team, with those who would understand.

Who knows: Maybe by sharing our memories of those we loved, we can help them endure — and find some added peace, ourselves.

So please take a minute to read about our dad Bill, find a moment to share your own story, and then follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get notified when the next remembrance goes live.

As dad would have said: Go Pack!

—Steve and Jeff